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Creating Harmonious Relationships is designed to help you get to know YOU! Before the world told you who you should be. Through exploring archetypes and identifying your values & needs, used to its fullest, this program can help you create and live a life in alignment.


Archetypes are universal, inborn models of people, behaviors, or personalities that play a role in influencing human behavior. It is suggested that these archetypes were archaic forms of innate human knowledge passed down from our ancestors.

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Magician's are the true lovers of life, seeking new, fun, joyful experiences, with a desire to see everyone happy!

Un-honored, Magicians can use their many masks to manipulate situations to get what they want or be seen as unreliable.


Have you lost who you truly are and what really lights you up because you've been busy making everyone else happy?


The Lover feels deeply, whether those feelings are of joy or pain. They are empathetic with others and understand how to get along and connect with a wide variety of people. A shadow Lover can feel restless, forever searching for that one thing, person, or experience that will make them feel truly alive.


Are you emotionally tired from you constant worrisome and anxious nature?

Creating Harmonious Relationships (1)_edited.png
Creating Harmonious Relationships (1)_edited.png


Warrior energy in its full, healthy manifestation is seen as determined, passionate & driven. However, shadow Warrior energy can be coldly stoic, abusive, and destructively angry.


Is your reactive nature causing people in your life to fear you?


Queens bring order to situations with their efficiency and analytical thinking. They are cool, calm & collected when on center however they can be seen as critical, know it all's or a tyrant when acting from their shadow.


Are you unable to stay in the present moment with the constant battle of chatter, judgment & criticism going on in your mind?

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Reasons to work with archetypes...

  • Increasing self-awareness

  • Finding greater fulfillment and meaning in life

  • Improving personal, family, community, and workplace relationships

  • Expanding abilities, perspectives, and options

  • Helping people to escape habitual archetypal patterns that have become limiting ruts rather than empowering paths

  • Enabling people to be actively engaged in navigating the course of their journeys

What They're Saying...

This is game changing! It’s such a gift to be able to understand our families better and empower them to live true to their nature. As a Warrior/Queen raised by a Warrior/Queen raising a Warrior/Queen it couldn’t be more important to do this work. Thank You!


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I discover more about myself and others around me each time! I love the connection the group has. The freedom to be honest and open without judgement. A true platform for self discovery and self healing with the most beautiful support. This program is a real blessing.


"I am having an amazing time getting more acquainted with my self and my archetype. So many years of operating out of the warrior to survive, no wonder I'm exhausted."

"I love this group and all the feels that go with it! I'm usually a pretty tough cookie but this group has me feeling like I can really open up, cry if I need to and feel safe doing so."

"I'm feeling more in charge of my emotions and just me in general."

"I'm loving the course so far. I definitely feel like it's exactly what I need right now."

Meet The Creators...


Ronnelle Hollier

Ronnelle is a wife and Mumma to four beautiful cherubs, a coach, and a mentor.


She is passionate about creating a sacred space for women and supporting them to step beyond their comfort zone, embrace themselves and bond as sisters.


Ronnelle loves taking women on a journey to awaken their soul and create a life they love in full alignment, enjoying deeper connected relationships with their children, with their loved ones but more importantly with themselves.


Sally Hollier

Sally is a wife and mum, a lover of life and passionate about raising the consciousness and vibration of families.

Through her own journey of highs & lows and awakening from the illusion of old beliefs she is committed to sharing her learnings, teachings, insights and offerings.


Sally enjoys supporting families to take radical responsibility for how they show up in the world, inspiring men, women & children to stand grounded and connected to their own source of power. 

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Our Work

For over a decade sisters, Ronnelle & Sally have been peeling back the layers on their relationships with each other, their primary partner, their parents, their children, friends, work colleagues and most importantly themselves. 

They have healed many parts of themselves during this time and have created a life where they continue to enjoy inner peace and harmony in their relationships. A life in alignment with their highest personal values, setting clean boundaries and creating more fulfillment. 

Through their commitment to continue the growth journey and their personal life experiences, they have created a space and a program, designed to offer a structure that can increase your self-awareness, which in turn can lead to greater insight on your journey.

Together, you will gain clarity on what you value most, the standard of how you are going to live your life going forward & looking at what will create more fulfillment, impact & alignment.

Join our Masterclass to explore how to:

  • Live in alignment with your archetype and find great fulfillment.

  • Improve your relationship with your self, your partner and your children.

  • Understand why the relationship is breaking down or flourishing

  • Handle strong emotions

  • Improve communication, feel better understood and heard

  • Regulate the different energies in the home

  • Lessen sibling rivalry

  • Help you escape habitual archetypal patterns that have become limiting ruts rather than empowering paths

Take a look at our recent 5-day mini series to learn more about your Archetype. 

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